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Protection From Identity Theft With Credit Monitoring

Protection From Identity Theft With Credit Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your credit is the best way to protect yourself against identity theft. The more creditable information you have on a regular and frequent basis, the higher the chances you will have to catch something quickly and be able to act sooner. To prevent identity theft from screwing up your credit repair efforts, you could resort to things like fraud alarms and security freezes. With the widespread use of credit cards and credit inquiries as a whole, identity theft seems to be more common and credit monitoring is more relevant than ever.

Is such a service costly? Well, when you split the costs in several months, not really. From $5 to $10 per month is probably a fair amount to pay for this. While credit monitoring can be an interesting investment, it also isn't an all-in-one solution against identity theft. It's mainly a preventive thing so that you know what to do and have a bit of time to apply things like alarms or freezes. Also, one downside to monitoring only a single credit bureau is that you may not be timely notified of a building credit issue. To have a better chance to thwart a credit abuse, It would be wise to monitor all three credit bureaus.

Not a Perfect Protection

Subscribing to a credit monitoring service that monitors all three credit bureaus at the same time is far better than subscribing to a service that only monitors a single credit bureau.  Be sure to order your three bureau credit monitoring service from a reputable source to put more chances in your favor. Surely, the investment of credit monitoring can be questionable for someone already in credit repair, but if you receive a premature false signal warning, it gives you one more set of eye on your credit protection efforts plus you get another chance to glance at your credit details which, could still prove to be interesting. On top of freezes and alerts, credit monitoring is just another way of stopping thieves from hurting your credit identity.

To Pay or Not to Pay

Most everyone agrees that credit monitoring services is a great idea. The real question here is often to pay or not to pay. Credit monitoring can be sort of expensive, but at the same time it gives you that kind of regular information you need to keep yourself on top of things in a timely manner. Identity theft can hurt you at any time, and if you've come to know that your information is at risk, credit monitoring can provide you with peace of mind, although there's a price attached to it. The best idea would be to shop around and compare prices or simply take on one of those free credit monitoring services for a 30 day trial or so and see for yourself. Keep in mind if a free trial is truly what you want, you might have to be careful to avoid some of those traps where you will be charged without notification or won't be able to cancel the subscription. A simple Google search on the web can do wonders to discover which websites you can trust or those you should avoid.


So in conclusion, credit monitoring is an interesting option, although its price might be an issue for those busy with credit repair. Freezing your credit and applying credit alerts might be a better choice for those not looking to spend much regards to identity theft. If you choose not to go for credit monitoring, at least get your yearly credit report and make careful verifications to all your entries so as to not let some thief ruin your credit and enjoy life on your expense!

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