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Decide How Much Credit Repair You Need

Decide How Much Credit Repair You NeedThe first step in credit repair is evaluating your current credit. That means figuring out what's in your credit history (your credit report) and how it's being meausured (your credit score). If you've never ordered your credit report or credit score before, now is a great time to look at both.



Check Your Credit for Free

Check Your Credit for FreeChecking your credit is an essential part of credit repair. Here are some ways to check your credit report and credit score for free. Beware, a few of these do require you to sign up for a subscription using your credit card. In those cases, you have to cancel before the trial ends or you'll end up getting charged.



Repair Your Bad Credit

Repair Your Bad CreditYour credit report has arrived in the mail or online, and the information it contains will dictate your next moves. Negative entries on your credit report are not hopeless and it’s possible to get rid or minimize them with strategies. However, some situations demand that you do exactly what was asked in the first place – pay the amount and keep going.



Rebuild Bad Credit

Rebuild Bad CreditGetting rid of the bad information is only part of journey to better credit. Getting a better credit score means rebuilding your credit. Adding positive information to your credit history will help boost your credit score.



Fight Identity Theft

Fight Identity TheftIdentity thieves can ruin your credit seemingly beyond repair. There are tools you can use to fight identity theft and get back your good credit standing.




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