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"... our aim is to simplify the complexities connected to credit repair by providing easy-to-use, accurate information services related to credit monitoring, credit repair and credit protection."


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Why DIY Credit Repair Is Your Solution?

Because the Law & Technology are on your side:

The Laws gives you the right to have access to the credit bureaus and accurate credit information in the credit bureau's records. Our quick link shortcuts, guidance and community threads makes it fast & very easy for you!

Why Credit Repair Agencies Generally Fail To Help You?

Because the Law is NOT on the credit repair agent's side! Did you know ...

Credit Bureaus don't have to respond to Credit Repair Agents?
Credit Bureaus also don't have to respond to form letters prepared by Credit Repair Agents either?

Basically, the Law allows you the right to repair your credit. Those rights do not extend to a credit repair agent!

How DIY Credit Repair Works for You?

This simple 3-step process puts you in control for Quick & Easy DIY Credit Repair.

Check Your Free Credit reports

Credit repair starts here. Checking your credit is the first step. Check all three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) to see what the banks see!

Dispute Errors

After you order your 3 bureau credit report, it's time to check it for accuracy. If you see any errors in your credit report, we'll show you the simple, free and fast online way to let the credit bureaus know about these errors.

Build New Credit

This last step is easy too! Our strategy puts the bad credit of your past further and further behind you showing the credit bureaus that you are improving your credit. We make this easy for you by hand selecting the right credit cards for you to choose from - the ones that will get reported to the credit bureaus and are easier for individuals going through credit repair to get approved with.


  • Free Credit Reports Online Makes it Fast & Easy to Assess Your Credit Worthiness with your Credit Score


Did you know that you could repair your bad credit yourself?

Your credit history comprises of all of your credit accounts, past, and present. This includes records of each time a lender asked for your credit report and the number of times it was passed onto collection agencies. QuickCreditRepair is a free credit repair service that facilitates debtors in checking their credit, disputing errors, and building their credit in no time. Yes, QuickCreditRepair can help you get out of debt by helping you with fast, easy DIY credit repair tips, tricks, and strategies.  With our incredibly helpful and tactful strategies to fix your credit, you can finally live a stress free life with a good credit. Make things easier for yourself and avail the services of the best credit repair services company in town!

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