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Fight Identity Theft |

Fight Identity Theft

Protect Yourself From Credit Scams While in Credit Repair

Credit repair is generally a very vunerable situation to be in.  And to that the inanity of credit card scams and can make the whole thing a huge m

Credit Repair - How to Act Around Identity Theft

Dealing with identity theft can be very painful! People who haven't dealt with identity theft truly don't understand just how painful it can be!

Protection From Identity Theft With Credit Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your credit is the best way to protect yourself against identity theft.

Using an Alert to Prevent Identity Theft

More than ever, identity theft is among us with today’s heavy reliance on the internet.

Freezing a Credit Report to Protect Yourself

Identity theft can make your name look bad while it shouldn’t, and while you’re working on your credit repair to clean it up, it can be pretty frus