Remove Negative Items Yourself From Your Credit Report

Sometimes, the credit repair process isn't exactly fair or exact. In fact, if you haven't already ordered your credit report, there could be some mistakes on it right now that are lowering your credit score and making you look deeper into credit repair than you really need to. But the good news is that you can submit a dispute by yourself to work these situations out. Some people out there would think that going up to an expert would be necessary, but it isn't exactly the case. There are a few things you can do to clean up your report and get more favorable treatment from lenders and other creditors. In the end, this is truly what we want after we're done with credit repair, or at least through the improvements that we can do right now. Some entries can last up to seven years on your credit report, so the stakes are pretty high. Don't take negative entries lightly because if you would take care of even only one of them, you could be improving your credit opportunities for the years to come. It's the accumulation of these negative entries that are hurting your credit picture and your credit score.


Credit disputes are possible and well within the reach of anybody willing to make the efforts. First off, it’s worth pointing out that the law does allow you to request an accurate report. You have the right to possess an error free credit history – and you can do something about it for your credit repair.

Simply go online or write a traditional letter that you will send through the postal service and that will explain what exactly you think went wrong with the entry. It’s the credit bureau that will take care of your request and pass a verdict. To make things easier, attach any proof that you have that you indeed made payment or that the entry simply isn’t yours, because that might happen in a few cases.

A new method

Credit bureaus aren’t the only place where you can dispute your negative credit report entries now. You can skip them and deal directly with the business concerned. For example, your bank could go on to process a very similar request to the one we explained for the credit bureau. They can take care of notifying the credit bureau themselves. Again, attach all proofs you have because this is key to the decision going in your favor.

Removing other entries

In the case where a negative entry isn’t an error, you can’t really send a dispute, but there are still a few things you can do. These are not strategies that you can abuse by any means, but you can always try to make a goodwill request to have your entry deleted. That would mean explaining to the creditor exactly how you’ve found yourself in this situation and why you’re still a good customer - all things considered. This is kind of a grey area and you will need to use your negotiation skills, but it could still work.


And finally, probably the thing you don’t want could happen if all of this fails – waiting until the entry expires and disappears from your credit report. In conclusion, know how disputes with credit bureau and creditors work, try a goodwill request if you think you can plead a good case and be patient if that’s the last thing you can resort to for your credit repair.

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