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Most of the time, we estimate our credit repair situation based on various assumptions. For example, we take into account the few payments we've made late during the last few months, a loan that we have, and our credit history in general and we rate it as “bad” or “OK” in our head. That's a good exercise, but it's extremely misleading at times, because a credit score can surprise us in more than one way. That's why it's preferable that you order your credit report to get the true information – the facts, and sometimes you can even order your credit report for free through certain websites. We're going to present some ways below that provide circumstances where you are eligible to receive a free credit report. As you will see, there are quite a few ways to get a free credit report:

Through a Job

One way to get one for free credit report is through a job if unemployed within 60 days while you look for work. Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you can request your free credit report through the credit bureaus as you head back in the market in search for a new career.  Many employers look at your credit report these days in the decision making part of the interview so hopefully you get your credit repair situation taken care of before that next opportunity for employment presents itself.

Through Government Help

If you're in a situation where you resort to welfare, you should be able to get a free credit report. You can apply directly through the credit bureaus.

You Had Your Identity Stolen

Of course, that would be the last way we would want this free credit report to land in your hands, but don't forget to pick it up if that happens to you. You can then check for any incorrect information and check your credit situation to make sure everything is OK.

Thanks to the government, it's now possible to obtain a credit report without paying a dime and you can do so yearly through credit bureaus. You can get this government-approved report anywhere else but through is a reputable source. The best way is through this website and not through credit bureaus because you can then have the option to see all 3 scores from one credit repository.

Through The State Where You Live

Maryland, Masschusetts, Puerto Rico, Colorado, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine and Puerto Rico are the states where you get to obtain a free credit report yearly, and you could have the right to get even more as well. To get all the details on your credit repair situation for free, simply contact one of the 3 main credit bureaus.


So to conclude, there are quite a few ways to get a free credit report. While there are a few that you will want to avoid, chances are that you can get one fairly easily. Getting a free credit report is the best way to start your work on your credit repair situation. Whenever you go unemployed, or believe your identity may have been stolen, make it your responsibility to order your free credit report immediately, and if you’re entitled to one depending on your situation or where you live, don’t forget to get what’s yours and what will be very useful for your credit repair

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