Events That Can Trigger a Free Credit Report

With negative things can come a bit of a consolation. If you’ve been denied for some credit, you can receive your credit report for free. You should definitely seize that opportunity and check where your credit repair situation is at and why exactly you got denied.

It might not always implicitly be said when you get turned down for credit, but you can definitely go ahead and ask for your free credit report at credit bureaus after you received the creditor denial. The period for which you can do so is extended to sixty days and the websites you can go through are those of TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

Use the three trusted credit bureaus

Use those three trusted credit bureaus to get your credit report after your right to do so has been triggered by an event such as a refusal for credit. You may receive something like a letter from the lender or you can always get the process started yourself if you think this is taking too long.

Monitor routinely

And finally, if you’re a bit better at planning things, set up your order for an annual credit report at Even if you can get your credit report like we outlined here, the best is always to get it as frequently as possible to have good hopes of your credit repair being successful.

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