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Avoiding Giving Your Credit Card Number for Subscribing to Get a Free Credit Score

Avoiding Giving Your Credit Card Number for Subscribing to Get a Free Credit Score

The web can be tough on credit card owners sometimes. At all times you can be asked to provide your number to get access to... you guessed it, something supposedly free. This whole “give your credit card number” for something free has spread on to the credit repair sector of course and it's now frequent to see websites trying to get you to sign up for a trial subscription to get your score for free. Of course, the user has to be quite quick with his or her management of that temporary purchase, because a week is usually enough for you to be considered as accepting of the whole deal... and that makes another purchase to impact your credit repair situation.

To be blunt, you shouldn't have to provide your credit card number for something that's said to be free, and fortunately you can manage to put your hands on the prize without resorting to falling for that trap.

Good spots on the web

There are a few places to go for on the web that, fortunately, which don't ask you to provide your credit card number to get your credit score. Of course you will have to provide other personal information such as your social security number and address, but  you are requesting a credit report after all so that should be expected.  And as always be careful with who you share your personal information with so you don’t worsen your credit repair situation., and are three sites that can do that for you without putting you into more trouble financially. Depending on which you choose, you could be able to also get your hands on things like a full credit report, credit cards with low interest or other opportunities. It's safe to say that once you deal with the right websites and companies - getting a free credit score is a real walk in the park.

When disapproved for credit

Then, if you get disapproved for credit, this free credit score might come to you more naturally, meaning without giving out your credit card number. No move is generally required on your part to get that free credit score sent to you. It's a new law that forces banks to do that and allow you to get the information because of your credit denial situation.

Any drawbacks?

The only drawback that there could be to go on the websites mentioned earlier is that the credit score you will get for free might not be a FICO score. FICO is the most frequent type of score used by those who lend you money, and there is usually some variation between the 3 credit reporting bureaus. Depending on the score used to evaluate your case, most-likely that’s the only score the lender will share with you for free.

So to sum it up, going on the right websites to get your credit score for free without revealing your credit cards can be a very good move. You then avoid another fee on your credit card and another thing to give you stress. Besides when in credit repair, you want everything to be free... or as cheap as possible – while still be reputable.

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