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Removing Negative Credit Report Entries Without Any Help

Removing Negative Credit Report Entries Without Any Help

When you get those nasty credit report entries that aren't true about you, it can be tempting to panic or to smash something in frustration. Indeed, errors happen even on credit reports. And then, there are the negative entries that you did cause yourself – you went ahead and spent more than what you were capable of managing and you now find yourself busy with credit repair because of that. Well, whatever the case, there are ways to take care of those negative entries and we will look at a few of them here. Keep faith with your credit repair because some of the things you have to do might not even require you to see a professional. There are some negative entries on your credit report that you can take of yourself and immediately improve the look of your credit repair situation.

When it’s not your fault

When you notice a negative entry on your credit report that’s not even your fault, you can submit a dispute. This is done to the credit bureau either online or by mail. In order to place it from your computer, you need to first order your credit report through the same credit bureau you want to file the dispute with. By mail, simply put together a letter and package with as much detail and explanations about the error you’re disputing, including any proof supporting your case. Keep copies of everything to follow the process closely, including any proof of mailing or dates of correspondence.

And then, there’s also another way to go by this. You can also go directly to the business that sent the report to the credit bureau and a similar process will take place. They should then go to the credit bureau once they see that the mistake is indeed real.

When you’re at fault

When you’re at fault the situation is obviously a bit different, but not hopeless. You can still contact your creditor directly to have that negative entry removed from your report. However, if you try to negotiate this way, chances are that you will have to pay the full amount owed to have the entry removed from your report. On a more human side, you can still try to make a goodwill request for the item to be removed. Of course, this goes by a case by case basis and there’s no guarantee that it will work, but you can always try. Just explain your situation and why you didn’t deserve it and you might get rewarded, especially if you’ve been a good customer in the past.

And Finally

Patience is often the ultimate way to have the negative entries removed while working on other parts of your credit repair strategy in the meantime. When all else fails, the negative entries on your credit report will stay there for up to seven years. So in conclusion, take a look at each negative entry and depending on whether it’s your fault or not, make the necessary efforts to have them removed as much as possible to get your credit repair back on track. These entries follow you pretty much everywhere in life and no matter the way you ended up getting in your current situation, you have to take responsibility towards them.

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