A Little Guide About What Not To Do With Credit Repair

So, on this website you've read a lot about what to do with credit repair. Well, sometimes a little lesson about what not to do can also be beneficial. Use this as a reality check to see if you're not doing anything that’s making things worst or reducing the effectiveness of your efforts. Indeed, when it comes to credit altogether, we all know that one bad move can cancel a dozen goods ones. So without further ado, here's what not to do with credit repair.


Indeed, the worst thing to do with credit repair is nothing. Not only will inactivity make the situation deteriorate with interest and other negative entries on your credit report, but it will make you look irresponsible, which is never a good thing around credit. If when your efforts start you have to spend all your time backtracking, things won't improve very fast.

Too many disputes

Well, too much of something usually isn't good and even if disputes can make you win a few points back, abusing this strategy won't do you any good. It's very unlikely that every negative entry on your credit report is due to a total injustice. Sending too many disputes could make even your legitimate ones look fishy. And if you see credit repair organizations trying to use that strategy, they're doing it wrong too.

Relying on others

Sure, it’s tempting to think that once our credit repair will have gotten out of hand we will just call one of those numbers in the ads, but entirely relying on others to do the work is the perfect way to lose control. Your credit repair is still your responsibility and the more you know the better.


Simply put, panic indicates someone who can’t really handle credit altogether. If after you notice your mistakes you go on to close all your credit cards, your credit score will be affected negatively.

Being disorganized

Being disorganized can hurt your credit repair process more than you think. The single fact that you would forget to send a dispute through certified mail could make you lose precious time and bring you even more frustration. Keep everything clean and very organized. Don’t let any detail slip by.

Going bankrupt

And obviously, bankruptcy should be out of question for credit repair as an easy first option quick fix. Bankruptcy will be on your credit report for 10 years and loans and anything credit will be very hard afterwards.  Bankruptcy should be considered under the advisement of a professional to share with you the pros and cons for your particular situation.


In conclusion, repairing credit is about attitude just as much as it is about money. Sure, making more money can be great, but if you keep doing the mistakes outlined in this article, even some extra money you put in towards your credit repair won’t be really be put to work well in your favor. Treat this like it’s very important work and be very responsible with everything you do. Don’t abuse any strategies or panic in front of more bad news. There could be a bit of ups and downs along the way, but keep your head up the whole time.

April Davis

Article Source: http://quickcreditrepair.com/credit-repair/little-guide-about-what-not-do-credit-repair-453

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