About Us



Who we are

We're a team of retired Loan Agents from the mortgage industry.  A few of us have owned a mortgage company during Federal Reserves' Greenspan's and early Bernake era.  We thoroughly understand how credit works.  We know how it's reviewed and graded and we know how it's messed up and we know how to fix it!


What we do

We use our experience to give ideas and shortcuts to improve your credit quickly and easily.  We provide Fast & Easy DIY Credit Repair shortcut links, tips and strategies in a user-friendly way that's simple- to-read and easy-to-understand.


Why we do it

After nearly a 15 year career in the mortage industry California, I had witnessed too many times where financial lives were ruined by credit mismanagement, credit fraud as well as a general lack of credit understanding.  Now that I'm retired from that industry, a friend and I decided to build a company around the idea of helping people restore their lives by helping them restore their credit.  Hence the birth of QuickCreditRepair.com!

Everyone needs a little help from time to time - we’re here to be yours! And make your situation better than you thought possible - and that gives my semi-retirment more purpose than the frustrations of the golf course - thank you!


Our Mission

QuickCreditRepair.com’s mission is to help transform the credit repair industry in the U.S. by providing the best do-it-yourself (DIY) credit repair information and services online. We are committed to helping you restore and safeguard your credit!

With our website, our aim is to simplify the complexities connected to credit repair by providing easy-to-use, accurate information services related to credit monitoring, credit repair and credit protection.

Not only does this save time and money, but in making these resources easier to access so more people use them on their own, this leads to better financial lives for individuals and families.

We are a mission-centered company with an integrated bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit. All of these have to be positively impacted by any initiative we embark on.