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Credit Repair Service: What Happens After You Pay Off The Credit Card?

If you currently have a bad credit score, you might think paying off the entire amount will help your score. However, that isn’t precisely accurate! In fact, it may slightly hurt your score as well. Let’s see why this happens... more

Do I Need To Check My Credit Report Before A Major Purchase?

People often save up for years before a big purchase. You may be dreaming of buying a new car, a house, or another property. However, keep in mind; your credit score affects your purchase. Making a big purchase can be complicated and... more

Credit Repair Companies: How to Find One You Can Trust

Credit repair is quite a sensitive issue. You can’t trust everyone with your credit. With an increasing number of credit repair companies, it has become more difficult to find a trustworthy service. Scam credit repair services often... more

Will Transferring Credit Card Balances Help You Fix Credit Fast?

Seeking relief from credit card debt? Many like you are turning towards credit card balance consolidation by transferring all the balances from all their credit cards onto one credit card offering an introductory 0% deal. Refinancing this... more

Credit Repair Tips: What You Need To Know About Credit Utilization

The credit utilization ratio is simply the credit you are using in comparison to how much credit you actually have available, i.e. your credit limit. So, if you have a credit card with a $10,000 limit and have used up $2,500 from it, your... more

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