Subscriptions Are Not Necessary to Get a Free Credit Report

If you don't want to pay for your credit report, you might have to look at a few options and think a little bit. It's a frequent promise, especially around the web, but not all websites and companies deliver on it. Most use the technique of having you sign up for a free trial, only to have your credit card on file to then charge you... probably not what you want to happen when you're already trying to figure out credit repair. Still though, there are a few good and legit ways to get a free credit report without falling for these tricks. Entering a subscription while in credit repair can be stressful as you need to think in advance so that you cancel it, sometimes you may even wonder if that's going to be possible, and well, when you have to think about all these minimum payments, interest and so forth, thinking about cancelling a subscription just to get a free credit report can be easy to forget.

Annual reports

The best way to do this is to request your annual credit report. It's certainly the easiest way for you not to pay for it while in credit repair... and to not enter into any tricky subscription in the process. You can order your credit report a few ways, be it by phone, mail or simply by going on your computer. Ordering your annual report on the web can certainly be the easiest way – is an adress to remember for that purpose. The key is to always be aware of scams and imitations – there are still a lot of websites and organizations trying to put their hands in your pockets while you're busy with your credit repair. Even a promise that they will take your credit card number and that you can cancel the whole thing later... it's not really free because you're actually giving up something.

You may be entitled to one

And then your quest for a free credit report without subscription could be easier than you think. According to certain criterias, you could be eligible to one without much trouble. For instance, if you live in a specific state like Colorado, New Jersey, Massuchusetts and a few others you could just order your free report without subscription and worry. Or if you don't have a job and are currently looking for one, you could automatically be entitled to a free credit report. Also, if you've tried applying to a credit card and your request was denied, then you may be entitled to a free credit report as well. Loans can also work in the same way.

So in the end, you may not have to go through the pain of one of these subscriptions if you're lucky or if you order your report annually. Getting a free credit report with a subscription probably comes down to good planning in the end and not letting yourself get entered in one of these subscriptions that you “might” be able to cancel before you get charged. Besides, you have a lot more to do than worrying about this added stress while you're in credit repair mode.

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