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FCRA - Another Way to Get Your Free Credit Report

FCRA - Another Way to Get Your Free Credit Report

When it comes to getting our free credit report, there are never enough ways and options. We’re all in different situations and preferences that will make our method of getting our free credit report a bit different. Some people think that giving out their credit card number and cancelling a subscription before seven days works for them, and that’s completely fine, but here we’re going to look at a few more ways of getting our credit report for free. If you’re getting into credit repair, chances are that the law and a variety of situations can make you eligible for a free credit report. Fortunately, the way we handle credit repair in society is to at least give the chance to those who have been refused for credit to take a look at their information as an attempt to help inform and get the situation under control.

The law can give you a free credit report

The FCRA (or Fair Credit Reporting Act) is actually giving you a free credit report in a few situations. For instance, if you try to finance some purchases at a store and your  credit request gets refused, you could automatically obtain your credit report. Same thing if you're on the search for work, if the government is helping you pay your bills or if someone stole your identity. The FCRA is simply a federal law that allows you to consult your credit information under these circumstances. If you find yourself into one of these situations, at least take advantage of this opportunity to get and analyze your free credit report. That means it's the ideal time to take a look at your credit history and current credit activity to see if you need to consider credit repair and the law is there for this reason.

How to order

To order a FCRA credit report for free, you can go online.  Google search the sites for Equifax, Experian and/or TransUnion, these are the three main credit bureaus that generate the famous credit scores we all talk about.  You should be able to complete the request for a free credit report all in front of your computer.  Have your credit denial/refusal letter from the originating store handy so you can reference it in your credit report request.

The credit bureau that handled the report decision to refuse you can also be the place where you will go to get your free credit report. A delay of more than sixty days will put you outside the window for a free credit report per FCRA guidelines, so don’t delay – tic toc. It's very possible that when a bureau handled the report, that you won't be able to go anywhere else to get it for free.

And finally, there's the simpler way to make it all happen by getting your report annually through at website like, where it doesn't matter if you've found yourself in the unfortunate situations that we outlined earlier or have excellent credit.

Get it annually if you can

So to sum it up, get your free credit report annually if you can, but if you came to read this because you need credit repair, chances are that you’re already in one of the situations outlined earlier and can already get your credit report for free. The law allows you to analyze your information and start your credit repair under a few situations. At least that’s another way of showing you that you’re not all alone in your credit repair process!

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