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Identity Theft: Things You Might Not Have Thought About |

Identity Theft: Things You Might Not Have Thought About

As you learn more about credit repair, you're probably noticing that the whole process doesn't work the way you thought it would be. A lot of the myths we carry in society make us look at a credit repair situation the wrong way. And then, the same can also be said about identity theft and its possible means of prevention. In this article, we're going to mention of few facts that you might've forgotten about identity theft. After all, it's often about putting all the odds in your favor so that you don't get caught in what is becoming a very important problem in today's modern world, especially since the rise of the Internet.


Prepaid debit cards

Do you ever think about prepaid cards? With the Internet, purchases with credit cards abound and each time you make a transaction, there's naturally more risk that your information be intercepted by a malicious hacker. After all, we all now make a ton of credit card purchases so we now fill up a prepaid card in advance to protect your identity and money? Think about how this could deceive thieves from making real damage to your finances and credit repair process.


Files on your computer

Sometimes we take screen captures of our recent online transactions instead of taking notes of things on a post-it, and those captures are very easy to forget in some folders we rarely visit. If you let those captures wander around like that, you could be providing key information about your finances and possibly ease someone into getting into your stuff and screw up your credit repair. Be careful with anything you save on your computer and don't let anything wander around. If a report or piece of information makes you feel it would be safer on paper, print it out and delete the file. You don't have to own everything in an electronic file.


As you make regular purchases at the store

As you make everyday purchases, be careful as you handle your credit card at the different stores you visit. The treat could be coming both from behind the counter (ie. The person takes your card out of sight momentarily) or in the line behind you. It is possible for someone to snatch a picture of your card so be careful not to let it wander around in your hand for too long as you speak and get to business and put it away immediately.

Of course, these tips aren't made to scare you, but rather make you pay attention during all these moves we make every day. Even if other people despise prepaid cards, let their personal computer be a mess with all kinds of financial information or are undisciplined when they make purchases at the store, it doesn't mean that you should do the same yourself. If you're in credit repair, you know that identity theft and another negative entry on your credit report could hurt, so be careful.

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