Easy Step 2

Easy Step 2 - Secured Credit Cards

Using secured credit cards is a great way to build credit fast - apply for one, two even three cards and actively use them! 

This is a good short list of secured credit cards to build credit fast. These particular cards on this list will report your payment activity to the credit bureaus so you will want to make your payments on time - every month. Paying the cards off every month a little early is a good idea so you don't chance a late payment.

After a few months of using these secured credit cards you should be well on your way to establishing credit and you will soon be getting junk mail offers left and right from premium nonsecured credit card companys.

Don't get over excited and take on more credit than you can handle. It can be very flattering to have credit card offers show up in the mail but use caution and good judgement when it comes to credit.

Well let's not get ahead of us, for now, this is a good place to start to build credit with secured credit cards.