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Use Credit Safely While in Credit Repair By Following These Tips |

Use Credit Safely While in Credit Repair By Following These Tips

We use credit cards in a lot of different places nowadays. So it's important that you know the best habits to implement in your lifestyle in order to keep your credit safe while in credit repair. Having credit can sound like an advantage to most people until you find yourself involved in an unfortunate adventure, and one that leads to frustration, time lost and even money losses in some cases.


First, the best thing to do is to call your credit card company as soon as you notice a suspicious event or when your card has been stolen. Most credit card companies can answer you at any hour of the day for this type of request. A timely call could be the difference between getting back to using credit normally without any consequence, and actually having to lose money in the process, something you don't want to happen while in credit repair. Giving a written summary of the event to the credit card company could also be a wise idea.

Your habits when it comes to using credit cards matter. It's essential that you know where the cards are and who could access them, be it your peers or possible thieves. Also, here are a few points to consider:

  • Remember that transactions over the phone can pose a problem. Credit cards are common nowadays, but that doesn't mean you should give your number to everyone by phone. Think before you make a transaction and don't give up your number under pressure on the phone.


  • Your credit card’s PIN should also be handled and typed with a lot of care wherever you are. Make sure that you remember it and don't need to carry it around in written form, especially close to your credit cards.


  • If you're pretty familiar with credit and times are tough, you may have credit cards layout on your table or your computer desk at home. Try to keep your credit cards in one place and out of site. When you step out the door, only carry the necessary credit cards with you that you need. I personally carry 2 of my several credit cards with me – one for business and one for personal use. You're then putting yourself less at risk by doing so in case you lose your wallet, or just need to remember if you left a card at a store. One or two cards is much easier to keep track of.


  • Also be careful on how you handle your invoices and credit card statements which one displays what information so that you can keep them in a safe place. Even on the computer, you should be aware of where these invoices go and where you can get them for some information in case your credit cards are stolen or lost.

Finally, if you need a little help with some credit repair, don’t be afraid to ask us a question for some help or even look through our free best credit repair services directory.  Many DIY people often find it helpful to get professional advice from time to time. Some features may require you to pay or some, but their might just be advantages you don't know about yet. Remember that credit safety starts with good habits and knowing where the cards are and all the associated paperwork lies makes this easier. If your credit cards get stolen, make a quick call to your best credit repair company that you selected to solve the issue.

Preet Singh

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