Credit Card Errors - Learning to Dispute Them For Credit Repair Success

Did you get a credit report error lately and you don't really know what to do about it? Are you thinking about letting it go and that it's not worth even fighting for it? You're wrong because your credit report will be seen by lenders, insurance companies and a ton of other places. A credit report error could make the difference in a decision to lend you some money or not. Even employers could take a look at those and use your credit report as one of the criterias. If you got yourself in credit repair, a lot of entities will know about it.

And besides, the law is clear – you have the right to get a credit report that's error-free, to then get your credit repair efforts under way. It might not be the state you receive it in, but you have the right to send a dispute and get some entries modified. It can also be simpler than you think, especially nowadays. Some changes in the last couple of years not only allow you to dispute errors with credit bureaus, but also send your request to credit card issuers themselves, or even the company that went to the credit bureau.

Working with credit card issuer VS credit bureaus

If you choose to go the traditional way with the credit bureaus, there are chances that your voice might not be heard completely. Of course, there are a lot of requests coming into these credit bureaus and there has to be a system in place. Unfortunately, the system used in credit bureaus often takes your requests and categorizes it, in a way that may at times be expedious and won’t explain your case in full. You have to be thorough with your facts, don’t expect the credit bureau to go back and forth with you and request your proof. In our other articles about sending disputes to credit bureaus, we specify the importance of attaching your proof on the first dispute filing with a complete package to back up your claim in your case.

Working with the credit card issuer directly is a much better idea as they will be able to approve your proof much more quickly. The credit bureaus can just go with the information that’s found in their system, which says you’ve been late on a payment, and then divert to the credit card company for their side of the story.  It can be easier to just cut to the chase and contact the credit card issuer.

Gather all information and be disciplined

Don't forget to attach all the proof needed to win your case and make another step forward in your credit repair. Keep the original to yourself and get ready to show a bit of patience as the reply could take about 30 days. If, for some reason, you choose to add more information to the case, there could be an additional 15 days added to the delay.

Be disciplined with how you dispute your credit card errors and always include accurate dates of the late payment for instance to make the credit dispute process smooth. Failure to do so could make the business regard your dispute and simply wish you good luck with your credit repair. Of course, you will receive a letter back in that case, but the information on why your dispute was considered irrelevant can be vague, so it's better to send all the relevant information that you can.

Make your credit dispute happen with your credit card issuer if you can to make sure your dispute gets potentially better treatment.  Stay polite and cordial, remember the agent you may be speaking with probably had no involvement in your credit problem, but can be of assistance to you.  With that said, also stay disciplined with the information you send in and things are more likely to go your way to improve your credit repair situation.

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