After the Time Limit - Removing Old Debts For Credit Repair

Credit repair by removing old debtSeven years. That’s usually how long you have to wait until the negative entries  should be erased from your credit report and finally get some more improvement on your credit repair. However, once that last year finally runs out, you could still be finding yourself with the negative item showing up in your credit report. Why is it so?

Well, there can be a few errors and tricks in this case, and it’s always better to put together a dispute which you can then send to the credit bureau. Seeking is another necessary thing in credit repair. Be disciplined in the way that you do so and you should generally get good results. Get a signature by using certified mail so that you have proof of your move. Besides, by law, the bureau has to reply to you with a delay of under 30 days, especially since your entry has been running for too long. Just like any credit report error you might’ve read about in our articles, we wish those would never happen, but in each case we must know a bit about the process and it is prone to occasional human error.

What to include

Of course, disputing a debt that's still showing after the time limit is all about dates. One key date you should have is the delinquency date showing on your credit report. You could also find it on past statements. The change in date could have happened in between the transfer from the agency to the credit bureau. This is where it's possible that there has been a date change, and obviously one that isn't very profitable for you. If you're right with your date of delinquency, you should be in right of getting the debt removed. Of course, after you send such a request, the credit bureau will make its verifications to determine if what you are stating is exact.

Contact the business

Once your information has been verified, it’s time for the actual dispute to take place, which you can do right with the issuer of your credit card. It can also be the company who put out the entry. The delay stays the same – 30 days. The credit bureau can then make the necessary changes, which would certainly improve your credit repair situation. Make sure you document every communication by email, certified mail and/or proof of mail


And finally, note that the time limit for bankruptcy is not seven years, but ten years. That entry is considered to be much more important and therefore takes more time.

So in conclusion, while time limits for the expiration of negative entries is often something a lot of people will take for granted, take the time to verify everything when the seven years come to an end. With your credit repair, you certainly don’t want to drag some negative entries with you unnecessarily. Sometimes with credit repair, the best thing to do is wait, but don’t let any tricks or miscommunication between the credit bureau and collection agency set you back on your efforts to get your credit repair back on track.

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