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Understanding Credit Repair Law |

Understanding Credit Repair Law

Distinguishing a genuine service provider from scammers has always been an issue. In order to put a stop to unscrupulous and unethical practices by the credit repair companies, the Credit Repair Organizations Act was signed by Clinton’s office in 1996. The sole reason for this bold step was to ensure effective customer services in this regard.

It should be a pre-requisite for every customer to understand the laws before diving into the labyrinths of this complex industry.

The Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) caters to the following aspects.

1.Payment Policies

There is a lot of money involved when it comes to credit repair services. CROA provides extensive information on how to go about them. The customer is strictly forbidden to pay any amount before the provision of the services. The Act demands the companies not to ask for the money even in the middle of the completion of the project.

2.Provision of Legal Documentation

CROA makes it easier for credit repair organizations to present their customers with a proper contract before taking them in. The organization is also entitled to present a copy of Consumer Credit File Rights. 


CROA has clearly mentioned all the necessary information that has to go in the contract signed by all the parties. The law states that the contract must hold the organization’s current contact details, clear timeline (dates for the beginning and closure of the project); detailed information of the services provided by the organization, transparent payment procedures, possible information regarding cancelling of the contract, and a pledge to perform all the services honestly.

4.Dishonest Practices

It is clearly stated in CROA that an organization is cannot lure a customer through dishonest, deceitful and dishonest practices. They must ensure that their services are according to the procedures laid down by the bureaus. The most likely illegal scams that a company can propose to their customers are altered EIN (Employer identification number), and lying about their customers’ credit histories. Generally, the bureau identifies such scams and creates trouble for all the participants involved.

5.Waiving Customers’ Right

No credit repair firm can legally draw their customer into signing any document that may waive a customer’s right. If they have successfully fooled the customer, the document will be considered null and void from a legal perspective. Serious actions can be taken against the perpetrator in such instances.

6.Reporting Bodies for Suspected Scams

The CROA has clearly stated the reporting bodies for the suspected credit repair scams. Some states allow their inhabitants to report directly to the State Attorney General or to the Consumer Affair Office. However, a separate governing body called Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been established to deal with such delinquencies.

7.Ensured Liability

As promised by CROA, the customer is the primary benefactor of this credit repair law. Any participant that fails to abide by the signed contract must pay a set amount of money to the other. The amount will be decided in accordance with the nature and degree of noncompliance.


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