Getting Your Credit Report - An Essential First Step


Get your credit reportWhen it comes to getting credit repair, the main and most essential thing is to get your credit report so you can see what the creditors see on it. However, a lot of people don’t know how to get, read it and maybe aren’t aware that it exists altogether. In order to get your credit right, you need to have the appropriate information in your hands. Only then can you make the right decisions and do so at the right speed. Credit repair is often about careful timing and planning and knowing where your credit stands and where its heading will allow you to set the right pace for hopefully what can be the final recovery of your credit score.

Step 1: Order The Credit Report

It starts here, order your free credit reports. These are some of the most popular credit report sites out there. These website also contains plenty of information and advice about credit. They are certainly trusted sources so take the time to go through it as you head for credit repair. To get your credit report, you can also go through credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. If you wish to have a more complete service, you can then try MyFICO. They created the credit scoring model of the same name and for a small fee you can get your score several times a year. Note that in some instances, you can even get a free credit report, such as when you’ve had an application refused or have been unfortunate enough to have your identity stolen. Besides the websites we’ve mentioned here, there shouldn’t really be any other place to go. Be very careful because there are naturally a lot of scams related to this field.

Getting Credit Report Clarity

Once you get your report, don’t be intimidated by it. Anyone can understand it really with a little patients and reading the accompanying instructions. You will get a summary of the accounts you have opened, closed and the like, and then there’s the account history which you should pay the most attention to for credit repair. For each account, you will get the information that you need to consider your situation and make some plans. Especially look at the payment history of each account to know how much your payments have been delayed. This is information that you can rarely calculate and maintain in your files by yourself, and this is why a credit report is so useful. If you’ve had serious financial troubles in the past, you can also check the public records section to know how that’s evolving. You can also check your credit enquiries to know who has checked on you during the past few years. What’s good about credit reports is how clear the picture is that you’re given. Unless you keep all the invoices in carefully placed files in your drawers, you have probably had no way of knowing how much your moves and bad moves have accumulated over the past years. We’re often quick to forgive ourselves when it comes to financial troubles, but getting your credit report is the only way to set the record straight and start credit repair.

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