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Want FULL Service Credit Repair?

Then here are some important questions to ask -

Are Credit Repair Companies Worth Your Time & Money?

The short answer is "yes" if you get your work done at a price you can live with. Having bad credit is just to expensive when you consider how it affects your life.

Credit Repair Companies – What Does the Law State?

There are laws that protect consumers against unfair and inaccurate credit reporting. Similarly, the FTC created the Credit Repair Organizations Act, CROA in 1996, according to which, credit repair companies must follow strict guidelines for servicing consumers who are in need of credit repair services. Much of this regulatory control extends to full disclosure of the extent of services and the payment systems.

For instance, it is imperative for a credit repair company to provide a detailed written contract about the services they are expected to perform. This should also include a three-day right to cancel the contract without charge; highlight how long it will take to respond with results, disclose the complete cost of the services with guarantees (if any) outlined. It is also illegal for credit repair companies to take any upfront charges from you before the services have been completed.

Got A Bad Rep? What Can Credit Repair Companies Do For You?

We operate in an environment where your credit score impacts every aspect of your life. From maxing out your credit cards to late payments on your debts, each time you make a financial slip, your credit score suffers. And then there are those errors – inaccuracies in our credit reports – that we often overlook. With 20 percent consumers in the United States reporting these errors, there’s a 1 to 5 odds that there’s an inaccuracy in your credit report that is keeping your credit score lower than it’s supposed to be. In some cases, older debts that had been settled still show as active. In other cases, debts may be inaccurately documented.

A good credit repair company can help eliminate old, outdated or inaccurate information that could be negatively impacting your credit score. They help you dispute the errors on your behalf, and ultimately save hundreds of dollars that you may have lost as a result of a low credit score. In addition to that, they also provide additional tips and strategies on how you can rebuild and boost your credit score rating.

And so, with that we answer the question: there’s no denying that credit repair companies do have their limitations; they can, in no way, eliminate accurate information or falsify data. They can however, take substantial and valuable steps in repairing and fixing a bad credit. Ultimately, they are worth your time, and your money as well. Yet, it all comes down to whether you’ve selected the right credit repair agency or not.

Choosing the Right Credit Repair Company

Choosing the right agency shouldn’t be as complicated, and in truth, it isn’t. We recommend that you pay close attention to this. An alliance with the wrong kind of agency will undoubtedly be a waste of time – and money for that matter. Here are some factors that you should watch out for:

  • Transparency is key. How keen are they to protect your rights, and that of theirs too?
  • The time frame of the services. It should be realistic. This of course depends of the nature of your credit score.  
  • Who is your point of contact?
  • Look for free consultation. Some of the best offer this service.

Whatever the state of your credit report, there’s no need to lose hope. We help you chose from some of the leading and most professional full service credit repair companies. Even if you cannot afford the services of a credit repair company, you can follow some DIY steps to repair and build your credit score. Take a look at our 7 Baby Steps to Fix Bad Credit.


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