Step 2 - Dispute My Credit Report Errors

Dispute Credit Report Errors...


1 In 4 Americans Spot Errors In Their Credit Reports. Are You One of Them?

Are you one of those in the 35 percent of Americans who’ve never checked their credit report? A report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) highlighted some incredible discoveries. One in about every four Americans found at least one potentially significant error on at least one of their three credit reports. While credit report errors are common, what’s important to note is that you have every right to dispute them; and in doing so, ensure that your credit score is not lower than it is supposed to be.

The steps to disputing these errors are quite simple. Just follow this guide, and you’re on your path to quick credit repair.

The Easy Ways To Disputing Errors

Under the FCRA, the credit reporting company and the information provider (this is the person/organization who provides the information to your credit reporting company) are responsible to amend the errors on your report. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Spotting Errors: What Kind of Errors Should You Look For?

Let’s assume you’re reviewing your credit report, and you know there’s something amiss; yet you have trouble spotting the errors. The errors that you should look out for may include:

  • Having a credit card or loan account that is not yours (or one that you did not cosign)
  • Inaccurately reported late payments
  • A late payment that’s over seven years old
  • An account that you’ve closed, but hasn’t been processed by the company
  • A debt account that you’ve paid, yet is showing unpaid
  • An account that was discharged through a  bankruptcy; yet is being displayed as active now
  • Judgments that are listed on your credit report that are not yours
  • Inaccurate employer information

2. Inform the Credit Reporting Company

You’ve now found the error. What’s next? You need to now dispute the credit report error by informing the credit reporting company of the information you feel is inaccurate. This link is the fastest and easiest way to dispute credit report errors. In your dispute inquiry keep it simple and state facts. Your dispute should very clearly identify each item that you feel is inaccurate that you’re disputing.

3. Follow Up

It is the responsibility of the credit reporting company to investigate the items in question and respond to your dispute inquiry within 30 days. The credit bureau will first forward all the pertaining information to the information providing organization. It is this organization that will now investigate the matter, review the inaccuracies and report the results to the credit reporting company along with any proof they have to validate their findings.

In the instance that there is a confirmed error, the information providing agency will notify all the three nationwide credit reporting companies, so that the information can be corrected in your file to avoid any financially penalties that may come their way. They will also provide you with a FREE copy of your credit report along with the disputed results incorporated. If you request for it, your credit reporting company may also send the correction notice to any person or organization who has received your credit report in the last six months, so that they are made aware of the error, as well.

Even if the investigation remains unresolved, you should ask your credit reporting company to include your inquiry of dispute in your file for further credit report request.

Bottom Line

Is your credit score suffering from some error?

Because it has such a significant impact on your credit health and financial conditions, it is imperative that you dispute errors in your credit report! You need to get all 3 of your most recent credit reports (Baby Step 1) as fast as you can. And you can review that for free! The quickest and simplest way to go about this would be to get this free credit monitoring service trial now! You gain access to free credit reports from ALL three bureaus with these select trial offers!  

At QuickCreditRepair, we provide you with fast easy shortcuts to (1) check your credit reports for free, (2) dispute errors and (3) build your credit score the fast and easy way.


Use These Shortcuts to Get Started With Your Credit Report Disputes


Credit Bureau
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Experian Disputes

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(714) 830-7000

Transunion Disputes

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(800) 916-8800

Equifax Disputes

Equifax Information Services, LLC.
P.O. Box 740256
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(866) 349-5191