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Are you the type of person who wishes to keep his or her credit repair stuff private? Would like to get access to your free credit reports online? Note that this is all possible through a few ways. As you have your different windows and tabs of your financial account and credit repair situation open, obtaining your free credit report could be very useful in building a great strategy to improve your reputation. Your credit score will give you an idea of where you stand and the most urgent accounts to pay back. If your credit repair situation is already pretty advanced, paying the right things in the right order will be key and your credit report will be essential to accomplish that. And besides, there could also be some errors in how your credit report history that has been reported by either creditors or collection agencies, so getting and reviewing your credit report is an urgent matter. Here are ways to obtain your credit report online:

First, is a URL to remember to get your hands on your free credit report on the web. You can just go on the website and follow the instructions. It’s one of those sites where there’s just about no information to enter, not even your credit card number. You can obtain your credit score and credit report twice a year and can even get a more complete service if you want to sign up for that.

AnnualCreditReport is a popular website to obtain your credit report for free according to the federal law. It can be done online as you will be able to reach the 3 main credits bureaus straight from your computer. is a website that comes back frequently again when people mention where they received their free credit report online.

Credit Bureaus

Or you could choose to go right to the source, the credit bureaus themselves, which are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. There are a few situations that automatically enable you to obtain a free credit report online. First, if your identity has been stolen, you’re most likely entitled to a free credit report, which you can indeed get on the web. The same goes if the government is providing you assistance or if you asked for more credit and was unfortunately turned down. Those aren’t situations we wish to go through, but they entitle you to a free credit report that you can obtain online.

So there you have it, three virtual locations where you can easily obtain your credit report for free online. Remember that your credit repair situation can only be analyzed properly if you have your credit report in hand, and your credit report is truly something you can get for free without leaving your home.  Moving forward with credit repair without your credit report would be a pretty bad idea. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to take care on your credit repair situation, and at the same time, there are also less and less excuses for you not to do so!

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