Disputing Credit Report Errors - A Few Guidelines

Disputing Credit Report ErrorsIt's easy to admit that not everyone bothers to get their credit report when it comes to credit repair. However, your credit report represents you in a lot of places in modern society. It's a strong indicator of who you are as a consumer, a worker and a person with the responsibility with other people’s money. Therefore, it would be a really bad idea for your credit repair to be circulating out there with some errors in it. Did you know that you can dispute what's on your credit report? Did you know that the law states that you have a right to an accurate credit report?

Don’t take this lightly

Indeed, you should take the matter very seriously. Not everyone is aware of the errors that are hurting their credit report, but you don’t have to do the same. Take charge of your credit repair and take care of your credit report errors before you start applying any credit repair strategies. You want your efforts to count and your reputation to be as good as possible.

Start by checking the items that are showing up on your credit report and the timeframe associated to them. Negative items shouldn’t show up for more than seven years (bankruptcy put aside of course), so actually check if some old items should’ve been erased or not. All kinds of mistakes can show up in your credit report and hurt your credit repair situation. Be bit the wrong creditor, accounts that don’t even belong to you or payments that you actually completed on time, they all can come to hurt you, though you didn’t even deserve it.

Be disciplined with your submission

Once you have an entry which you are sure is wrong, you can go ahead and dispute before you start your credit repair. To do that, take the number of your report and either enter the process online or by mail. If you like to check your financial information online, filing a dispute online will produce an online report. Use the mail if you’re more patient, and don’t forget to attach all the necessary proof. This could be as simple as an invoice showing that you’ve indeed paid the balance as asked. Be organized and keep yourself a copy of what you send of course. Mark the date on which you sent everything for personal reference to make sure it hasn’t been overlooked or forgotten about. Then expect 30 days for investigation process to take place.

When you receive a favorable response back from the credit bureau you filed a dispute with, and it is correct... Then take the time to notify the two other credit bureaus because they could have the erroneous information in their credit systems altered into your favor as well. In some instances, you might have to work with the creditor or agency itself for the right decision to go through. Some items are harder than others to remove and you have to accept that.

And finally, you don’t know what to write in your credit report dispute or are afraid of doing it wrong? No problem! The web is there for you to check a number of examples and write a professional and clear credit report dispute to, hopefully, get your credit repair back on track.

Anna Marie

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